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TAP Live, your air transport of animals

We offer a very rigorous air transport of animals service that conforms to all safety conditions and ensures the needs of each animal species.

Why choose TAP Air Cargo for the air transport of animals?

TAP Live provides appropriate transport for all animal species, according to their needs and characteristics. We offer personalised solutions for transporting large animals by air, including zoo animals, pets, insects, etc.

We strictly adhere to IATA Regulations governing the air transport of animals and the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.

How does TAP Air Cargo process the air transport of animals?

Our goal is to provide the best conditions possible for each animal, regardless of type or size, and to ensure as little noise and disturbance as possible. This operation is carried out by a dedicated team of qualified and attentive animal handlers.

Because they lower blood pressure, especially at high altitudes, TAP Live does not use tranquilisers when processing air transport of animals. The combination of altitude and sedatives could be fatal for animals travelling in the hold. 

Air transport of domestic animals (Cats, Dogs and Ferrets)

We are an airline that safely transports pets to most international and domestic destinations in our network. The animals are taken to the aircraft shortly before departure in order to minimise stress and unnecessary worry.

The following is a list of dog and cat breeds (and mixes) that cannot be transported in the hold:

Air transport of live zoo animals

From ospreys to Siberian tigers, TAP Live is the perfect partner for transporting exotic animals. TAP Air Cargo has all the skills and experience needed to transport endangered animals between zoos or sanctuaries via conservation programmes. 

We take special care to ensure hippopotamus, tigers and other animals are not subjected to pressure or discomfort and that the transit times are kept to a minimum. To be certain, we have been working with zoological associations all over the world for many years. 

Air transport of ornamental fish

Marine animals, particularly ornamental fish, are sent by air in optimal conditions, keeping the water oxygenated and at a constant temperature. Delicate fish are transported safely, quickly and without complications.

Air transport of chicks

We also ensure proper air circulation between individual containers during flight when transporting chicks and similar animals.
Note: From 17 September 2018 we no longer accept booking to transport brachycephalic (short/flat-nosed) cats or dogs in the aircraft hold. This restriction has been introduced as a consequence of the respiratory characteristics and limitations of these animals, whose lives may otherwise be placed at risk.

TAP Live additional options

You can complement your air transport of animals service with the add-ons and delivery speeds that we offer to bring even more value, speed and security to your shipment.

Additionally, you can request our special services, TAP Express — which ensures airport to airport shipments in a short period of time — and TAP Door to Door — which guarantees the delivery of your cargo in hand, if preferred.

Contact us to require more information about TAP Live.